GAC Talks: Digital Identity & Social Obligation


The Gustavus Campus Activities Board hosted the inaugural GAC Talks event on Saturday. Modeled after TEDTalks and St. Olaf College’s STO Talks, this event was created to provide a venue for brief presentations/talks that would ultimately inspire action.

I was approached about three weeks ago by a couple members of the Campus Activities Board asking if I’d be interested in speaking. They had been trying to find some faculty or staff who would be willing to speak and decided to ask me. I was humbled and honored to be asked but was not sure at all what I’d speak about. Hannah, the student who talked to me to ask about my interest, said she was told I could probably put together a good talk on digital identity and social media. Okay… I can do this.

I contemplated topics for a few days and settled on “Digital Identity & Social Obligation.” A couple of conversations with colleagues and a couple fun weekly SAChats on Twitter inspired me to focus on this topic. So my talk is a little less than 15 minutes about how we might be handling this communication revolution and three key things to remember as we adapt and change. The result of my planning and preparation is below and I hope you choose to watch.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on this LINK and select the “On Demand” tab (“Live Events” is the default). Find “GAC Talks Morning Session” from March 22, 2014 and click “Watch.” My talk begins at about the 1:13:00 mark.

My hope is that the video will eventually be chopped up into individual speakers and put on YouTube so it’s not so much work to watch. 🙂

The event was great and the other speakers were fantastic. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have contributed.

Feedback? Thoughts? Send it my way at or on Twitter @pottscharlie (or #GACTalks)

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ACPA Genius Session

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